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Barley Nectar?
Can I Buy You A Barley Nectar?

An Ancient Game of Honor

Then to the inn they a’ repair,
To feast on curlers’ hamely fare—
On beef and greens and haggis rare,
And spend the nicht wi’ glee, O!

And there owre tumblers twa or three,
Brewed o’ the best o’ barley bree,
They sing and jest while moments flee,
Around that social tee, O!”

T. S. Aitchison.

The Cold War Has Begun…


No matter how fierce the battle, there is a common tradition in curling that the winners and the losers sit down to a pint of warming fluid.  It’s in this moment – bellies full of Barley Nectar that the best stories get told.  Two such tales have unfolded between the most unlikely of characters, a quiet feud deep in the heart of the 2016 Scott Tournament of Hearts in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  While the mass media has focused on the lovely ladies in the curling rink these battle scarred foes have tested their resolve.