“It was clear from talking to them, that what kept them motivated was the quality of the experience they felt when they were involved with the activity. The feeling didn’t come when they were relaxing, when they were taking drugs or alcohol, or when they were consuming the expensive privileges of wealth. Rather, it often… Read more PINCH


  “What is found in the effect was already present in the cause.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein The Original Mascot Years ago I drew a character for the now defunct Sweep Magazine based loosely on Yosemite Sam from the Looney Tunes cartoon franchise.  I didn’t pay royalties for the idea, but with $10 in hand, I… Read more YOUPPI!


“The precision of the quiet eye location often mirrors the precision required to perform well in a sport. In golf, precision of movement and precision of focus are paramount.” — Vickers. A Child’s Perception Both my twin boys are aware of the various moods their mommy and daddy carry with them.  Occasionally Hunter looks at me,… Read more QUIET EYE


When one door closes, another opens. But often we look so long, so regretfully, upon the closed door, that we fail to see the one that is opened for us. – Helen Keller Don’t Be A Dork, Vote For Pork With little preparation and discussion, I asked Mr. Phil “Porky” Porter to be part of the dispatch team… Read more THE CORNER MAN