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Beer Sommelier!
How many beers does it take to become a True Beer Sommelier?

Chapter 1:  Beer Sommelier


What is a beer sommelier?  In the realm of taste, just as in all other professions there are select individuals that make it a priority to distinguish the good from the bad.  I am not a professional beer sommelier, but I have spent lots of time and money educating myself on beer from the surface of my tongue to the depths of my brain.  I love the flavor of beer and if I were presented the option of some alcoholic beverage, I would choose beer.  This doesn’t make beer better, but it is preferable.  Why does one person like beer versus wine, or if they don’t drink, why coffee versus tea?  There is an argument to be made that it doesn’t really matter, that each palette is subjective, and ultimately preference comes down to how you spend your hard earned cash in the bar, or LCBO.  Even if you don’t realize it companies like Molsons have gone to great lengths to control the flavor of their beers.  If you buy a Molson’s in an obscure bar in Cape Breton Island, or taste the same brand on a Cruise Boat in the Caribbean, my guess is that the powers that be are striving for a similar taste.