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ADULT LEARN TO CURL: The Deadspiel Edition

“Deadspiel” Back From The Dead

“Often, a school is your best bet-perhaps not for education but certainly for protection from an undead attack.”
― Max BrooksThe Zombie Survival Guide

Check out Deadspiel
Adult Learn To Curl Deadspiel Edition

“The Joe”

The Adult Learn To Curl program is running great at the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club, so I wanted to share what I was up to with an experienced curler.

Who did I choose to call? 

None other than my brother Joe.

The conversation started with his latest Tankard experience.  He wasn’t happy with a few key misses he made that had cost him a couple of games.

Joe also told me how he had a public “dust-up” with the Head Ice Maker  – all of which I found fascinating.  The conversation reminded me I love competition.

I don’t watch it as much as I used to, but I cannot lie:  I miss competing at a higher level.

After that phone call, I wondered how I could get him involved with my project in the Niagara Region.


Triple Threat

The next day Joe calls back with some good news.  The indie film project called “Deadspiel” had been released to YouTube for public consumption.

What’s Deadspiel?

Deadspiel is a short indie film produced by a friend of Joe’s named Pat.  Joe’s role on the credit list included actor, ice technician, and curling choreography, in other words, a triple threat!  I’d loved the film when I saw it many years ago — unfortunately, I could only show it to a select number of friends.

For unknown reasons, the creators had put the project on the shelf to gather dust.  Now that its back and the team is up and running I’m excited to see what’s up next.

Maybe a Netflix original series???

Leveraging Knowlege

Although I still throw a decent stone, Joe has taken his competitive game many steps further, having had a great run in the early years with John Morris, spared with Glen Howard a couple of times, and eventually played on Team Middaugh.

The net results included 2 Brier appearances, an Olympic Trials berth, and a host of Ontario Tankard appearances.  He lost the Ontario finals on two occasions, once to Wayne Middaugh (curling for John Morris) and the second time to Glen Howard (curling for Peter Corner).

Not too shabby.

Now that I’m involved in curling development in the Niagara Region, I thought it would be a great idea to not only pick his brain on the competitive aspect of the game but also pitch the idea of joining forces for some high-level instruction. 

The Podcast Idea

I’ve always loved podcasting, and want to eventually get that feature added to this blog.  Joe would bring more experience to the table from current trends in the competitive curling scene.

He didn’t say yes, but we did bounce some ideas around.  The show would revolve around curling commentators watching games on the tv — letting it rip —  Joe Rogan style.  The Joe Rogan Show is a shining example of how a show can evolve from talking MMA, and growing to include complex issues and sophisticated guests.

Years ago, I remember Joe and his team commenting on a junior women’s game – we recorded the session as if they were working for TSN.  In my mind, the sketch was worthy of the comedy network.  It wasn’t politically correct, but it certainly was funny.

Too bad we lost the footage.

A Unique Sponsorship

Eventually, we discussed ways in which to make some extra cash doing the sport we both loved so much – and I pointed out how successful Patreon was for some of the Podcasters I listen to on a regular basis.  Competetive teams rely heavily on corporate sponsorship.  Patreon addresses this need for funding in the spirit of crowdfunding, leveraging fan support.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a great way for artists to get supported by their fans. I also think that it would work to fund my current Adult-Learn-To-Curl Project in St. Catharines. It’s essentially an elaborate “tip” jar where fans and supporters of an artists work can donate hard earned cash to keep us creatives going.

Coincidently Joe calls me the next day to tell me an exciting bit of news. He needed my help setting up a Patreon page for a short parody film called “Deadspiel.”

If you like the TV show The Walking Dead, then you will find this spoof hilarious.

Patreon Support

In my case, I could see Patreon supporters help cover some of the expenses incurred with the creation of content and upkeep of barley nectar blog, maybe help assist in the development of my adult learn to curl project.

Every little penny helps.


P.S. Go watch the Deadspiel film!

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