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“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.”
― William Gibson, Zero History

My Mission Statement

The original plan for this blog was to document my explorations as an amateur brewer, especially within the confines of my garage.

That idea grew faster than I’d intended.

Although I accomplished the goal of learning how to brew all-grain beer, I didn’t let the fantasy of becoming a professional brewer develop too far.  The brewing continues in the background, but the stories I notice and write about appeal to a wider audience,  essentially the stuff I’m curious about.  Raising twins has always provided a wealth of material to strike up a juicy conversation amongst friends.

Storytelling is an infinite process, and as my life experience grows I hope to provide more and more insights into the world around me, and deliver and pass on the message down the line.

The Crossroads

Life is about a transition.

How do I move from golf course maintenance into a full-time authorship?  I can feel it in my guts that this needs to happen.  When?  I don’t have a timeline, only I know I need to get my ass in gear.

Watching my sons develop has emphasized the reality that nobody is born with skills.  If you put your mind to it, the average person can learn almost anything.

There was a time when I tried to teach my son Sawyer how to slide down the fireman’s pole at the park.  He started boldly, reached through space and caught the pole firmly with his hands and jumped.  The journey down was rough but he did it.  However, as he repeated the process, I noticed a fearfulness develop.  There’s a gap between the pole and the platform, for an adult, it’s not much, but in order to cross that threshold, especially for someone his size, you need to reach out past your balance point and grasp the pole with both hands.

Although I encouraged him and reminded him that I would catch him, his performance plummetted.  Maybe it was self-consciousness.  Stepping back I watched as he tried to attempt the same thing but from a seated position but that made it worse.  He was failing, even after his initial success.

What’s the larger principle to take from this?

Write Like A Pro

In order to build a following, blogs take commitment to a writing schedule, which I’m terrible at following.  It’s the same with publishing consistently on Twitter, or Facebook.  Do I have the time?  Yes.  Do I still fall into bad habits and waste my time?  Occasionally.

Every so often an idea comes along and creeps in and dominates my thinking.  Infinite Banking Concept is one of those.  The unfortunate consequence is that ideas like this interrupt workflow, and it’s a disaster when you have limited time.  Originally I thought I should start a novel along side the blog, but that has been a bit of a failure.  The bottom line is that I need to focus on a single project and do it well.

The Secret to Evergreen Content

Writing a novel, or a non-fiction book is important to me on my journey to becoming an author, however, I must not skip over the current project to jump ahead in the process of development.  All of the essential elements are not quite in place for this platform.

The thoughts I am carving up today need to be evergreen, they are for the future, for my sons.

It’s about an educational legacy.

Can you pass your job on to your children? No. However, I can leverage my experiences on the job to creating an intellectual asset that can be passed on to my children. This is an asset that can be shared infinitely with others and in doing so becomes more valuable each time and shared.

Blogs aren’t seasonal but both my jobs are.

Although I have years of experience out on the course, and inside the rink, the wealth of information hasn’t translated into a greater salary.  The longer I spend in the industry, the more I feel like a mime plotting out the edges of an invisible box.  The #2017STOH experience showed me a door into a greater experience.  Storytelling allows me to leverage a lower paying job quite seamlessly.

The Barley Nectar Story

My true goal has always to set out on the path of professional writing.  Period.  If I tell you another hair brained scheme that deviates from this course, it’s probably RESISTANCE rearing its ugly head again.  There’s been no other goal that’s taken so much effort to get rolling.

Will I become a published author?  I plan to, but until that day rolls around, I must deal with the steps from here to there.

We are in the moment together.

What started me on the journey was a love and a yearning to learn, especially to learn how to brew all-grain beer.  Naturally, those closest to me inspire the stories that I fill the screen with.

Ultimately it’s the journey of a father, pursuing a dream of becoming a published author.

The Value of Human Capital

The year leading up to the STOH was one of the hardest and most rewarding years of my life, but it was a catalyst for another important journey.  The Scott Tournament of Hearts has come and gone, and as powerful as the experience was, I can feel faces fading into the background.

Now is the time to write, lest I forget.

M.C. Laubscher from The Cashflow Ninja often asks his guests at the end of a podcast, if they cannot pass on their wealth, what principles would they pass on to the next generation?

Well, the human capital needs to be passed on with wealth. Separate the two, and your children just receive lump sums of money with no instruction manual.  The odds are that hard earned wealth will disappear within a generation.

The knowledge and wisdom surrounding wealth creation must be passed on together.  This is where The Barley Nectar Story is so important to me.  The story here is far more important than simply tasting and designing craft beer.

Providing a Legacy

Far from being a flaky dad obsessed with reading, filling my head with all manner of weird ideas, it has just taken me the necessary time to assemble a system of ongoing education that others can learn from if they desire.

Beers will come and go, but the wisdom you pass on to your children will last forever. Click To Tweet

Beers will come and go, but the wisdom you pass on to your children will last forever.  Finding mentors to help you along your path is so important to growth because it is much more satisfactory to travel with a companion to talk to and share the experience.

This is that conversation.


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