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“Scientists today think deeply rather than clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander thru equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no basis in reality.”

The Examination of NDE

I found the OA.  Although I scrolled past the show many times, nothing caught my eye, not even the mysterious title.  I’m sure it was designed to draw me in, and yet, nada, no fizzle.

That’s the problem.

I became intrigued when I heard the guys on the Grimerica podcast refer to the show as an examination of Near Death Experience.

OA tells a haunting story about a woman that died and came back to life changed.  Although she lost her sight, she returned from the grave with an ability to play the violin.

Why Violin?

It’s not clear.

The story has many mysterious strands that provoke questions, and I love the strange.  I find it more satisfying when all the questions aren’t answered.

I have heard it said that the writers need to know the answers even if they don’t let the audience in on the secret, however, I don’t agree with this.  I find rules unnecessarily confining.

Why shouldn’t I be able to ask hard questions?  The universe is large and I know it’s ok to say, “I don’t know.”

A Healer’s Journey

Without giving away too much detail, the protagonist teaches a group of five misfits a special form, best described as a tribal dance.  The process has therapeutic value for her, and she gets to not only tell her story, but she also experiences closure.

It’s a synchronicity for me.

After thinking deeply about Tai Chi Chuan, I have many questions on the relationship between physics and metaphysics.  Tai chi, music, and electricity seem to have been explained by physics, and many modern authors crave acceptance by physicists.

The Way Way Back

This is analogous to a spiritual seeker going to an atheist to explain god.  Scientific materialism, especially quantum mechanics, cannot explain Tai chi, music, or electricity.  This is the realm of metaphysics, and there is a difference.

The application of form shapes the luminiferous aether.

What the heck does that mean?

I’m not sure I’ve completely unpacked an answer to that question yet.

The Cult of Quantum Mechanics

Wasn’t the luminiferous aether disproven by Einstein?  Yes.

Apparently, he disproved it mathematically, and yet, the electrical engineers following in Tesla’s footsteps scratch their heads and say, “But you need the aether to create electricity, Mr. Einstein. plain and simple.  Just ask Oliver Heaviside, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Ernst F.W. Alexanderson, and all the others that have given us the modern electrical grid.”

Tesla had more than one competitor in his day, but I always considered Thomas Edison Telsa’s greatest foe.  However, I now see that the cult of quantum mechanics and greek atomism is the true enemy.

Modern Day Tesla

No, I’m not thinking Elon Musk.

If you listen to Eric Dollard, a guy quite familiar with electrical engineering and Nicola Tesla’s work, it’s clear the aether is needed for our current electrical grid to work despite what Einstein’s camp says.

Welcome To Woo Woo

The OA has reminded me how hard it is to make a singular decision.  The type I’m referring to isn’t the kind of question on what to have for dinner, or what to wear during the day.

These daily questions do form who you are, and I have mentioned in the past my love of minimalism to handle the excess baggage.  What I am focusing on is a destiny question or life purpose.

Clarity of focus will shape aether, and change the universe.

Does that sound too “woo woo” for you?

Evidence In Nature

Take a quick peek at a pine cone and ask yourself why does it grow in that particular shape?  There is a hidden field at work that guides the process.  Just because it’s not visible, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Some folks love to describe it as intuition, an inner voice, or as Steven Pressfield and Seth Godin, a struggle with resistance, which is really the curtain in front.

How do I hear the faint voice in the midst of the noise of our everyday traffic jams of the modern world?

The sole purpose of internet marketing seems to wrestle with the question of how to be heard and noticed in the absolute sea of white noise of the billions of voices.  The true cost of freedom of speech is that the ability to listen has become exceedingly rare.

Musical Inspiration

Over the past weekend, my brother in law invited me to sit down for a recording session.  The original intention was to record one of my blog posts.  Long ago I had been toying with the idea of a developing a podcast.

Recording a blog post was a two-fold step in this direction.  The first idea was to prepare for the launch of an audio book after I write a novel.    I smile as I listen to myself jump over that hurdle.

The Sound of Soca

Ray has a deep love and understanding of Soca music, and also the more obscure music in the same vein called Calypso.  For the uninitiated, they all sound vaguely Carribean.

I can do better than that, but I haven’t quite taken the time to study music like other subjects.  On the other hand, Ray is an expert.  He has built a studio in his basement outfitted with a collection of records within a niche market.

He characterizes what he wants to do with his internet radio show as bringing the b-side to the mainstream. “B-side” is the music the real fans get to after they move through the most popular songs of an artist.  These songs aren’t the ones you hear on the radio, nor are they easily understood.

Life In The Studio

I was pleasantly surprised when we didn’t record a blog post verbatim.

Instead, he interviewed me a guest on the show.  I love podcasts, and it was an intoxicating experience to actually be part of the creation rather than a passive listener.

One of the things I noticed is that with any creative endeavor, it takes a bit to find a personal voice.  When I first started it was hard, but now I find as I practice over and over, writing from my heart becomes easier.

Ray was fascinated by the question of voice.

How do you find it?

Under The Rock

It certainly helps guide the development of a show like his.  It also points to the larger life purpose question I had earlier.  Finding and listening to my inner voice has been a journey.

I have struggled with fear, the fear of action, and thus attracted individuals who choose to ignore the line, and aren’t afraid to step over and transgress.  Often I expect them to carry me over.

The healthiest place to be is where I am making the decision on my own, it is my voice, it is my project that I am pouring energy into.  Action takers always have a project they are feeding.

The trouble begins when I have attached myself to their “ability to take action” in order to learn the skill how to make decisions and confuse it with my voice.

Even if my decisions are messy, I believe I have finally started to grasp the idea.  This involves my heart, my guts, and my mind.

When these three structures are aligned the aether takes a shape and I gain the ability to design my life purpose.


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