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“The precision of the quiet eye location often mirrors the precision required to perform well in a sport. In golf, precision of movement and precision of focus are paramount.”

— Vickers.

A Child’s Perception

Both my twin boys are aware of the various moods their mommy and daddy carry with them.  Occasionally Hunter looks at me, touches my face and asks, “Why is your face like that?  You mad daddy?”

He knows me well.

I have to reassure him that I’m not mad.  How do you explain to a three-year-old that you have been preoccupied?

His concerns are valid.

When I focus intensely on a problem my brows furrow and it looks exactly like I’m pissed off.  How is a young boy supposed to know that his daddy isn’t upset?

The technical term is called “Resting Bitch Face.”

The Quiet Place

This phenomenon does present a problem for quiet people, who may retreat to their inner selves when presented with a serious project to solve.

Deep thinkers often look mad or concerned.

The Playground

The transportation team at the Scotties has provided the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with all the high profile women’s teams in Canada.

These teams are expected to compete for gold in full public view.  Every detail of their athleticism is recorded and scrutinized by the media.

I am a person that enjoys solitude.  In an event like this, it is extremely hard to find quiet time to reflect on the day.

Time For Reflection

I see now that the vehicles Ford have provided are special.

They are the eye of the storm.

A shield from the excitement of the media and a quiet place for the players to reflect on the #STOH2017 experience.

Where else can a player find a private area to spend a couple of precious moments to themselves?

The Text Book Example

One of the volunteer drivers provided an essential part of the story on Team Holman.

During a ride, Rachel had been texting when she was picked up, and after she finished she gently placed her hand on the driver’s arm.

When I heard what she said next deeply impressed me.

The TSN Turning Point

She apologized for texting, it was an important text that she had needed to respond to and now the driver had her attention.  Rachel took the time to thank the volunteer for doing a great job.

I know volunteers put in long hours, and a compliment from a player can be a prized possession.

Thanks, Rachel!

30 Seconds

A few years ago Team Holman was filmed in a Pinty’s commercial at the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club.

I worked hard to accommodate the shoot during regular club hours, but the timing proved chaotic, just ask the former GM Jeff Germond.

It’s not every day that the curling rink at the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club gets used for exciting projects like the installation of the Heart Stop Lounge, and the commercial shoot.

Both events were challenging.

We got it done.


I love film and writing.

When I heard a production crew was going to trample the ice surface of our curling rink I wasn’t concerned.

It was a treat for me to see the behind the scenes aspect of the chaos.  I find it fascinating how the director managed to focus in, and grasp the story element, and create a narrative.

A fine example of “quiet eye.”

The Leaves From Burgoyne

Years ago, my father started a tradition of freezing colorful maple leaves below the ice surface.  He incorporated nature into his work.

I have continued in this tradition.

Once the commercial aired, how did the members recognize that it was our club?  It was the leaves, the green benches, and the scoreboards.

The details add value.

The Powder Room

The clown show begins.

During production, Pinty’s hired a full crew, and these technicians took over as many rooms as they could for all aspects of the project, including the curling office for a powder room.

Although I enjoyed every moment of the experience, I still had to get my daily tasks done.

I knocked, entered my office and ran directly into Rachel studying a photo of my 1993 Canadian Junior Men’s curling team.

Hello, Team Holman.

In juniors, I curled with my brother Joe Frans and we won the Ontario Pepsi Junior Men’s that year.

Great memories.

The Quintessential Coach

The value of coach cannot be understated.

For the nationals Ted Brown had been our coach — he’s the guy that invented the Brownie Brush.  However leading up to the pinnacle of my junior curling career, I remember one coach that had a major influence.

My favorite coaching experiences had been under Earle Morris.

When John Morris was knee high to a grasshopper, my father had gone out of his way to secure a top caliber coach to improve our play.  In those days there weren’t coaches around like there is today.

Coaches were rare years ago.

Earle Morris

I don’t know how my dad did it but he found Earle.

Earle Morris was an awesome coach and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It was a key moment in history because the next year his son John had moved up and started playing Bantams.

Years later Rachel secured Earle as thier team coach.

The picture means a lot to me.

Location Location Location

Why did Team Holman decide to shoot a television commercial in St. Catharines?

A member of our club has a tie to the Pinty’s group and their origins are from the Port Colborne area.  Not exactly St. Catharines, but a great central location to host a fun company bonspiel.

Why not shoot a commercial as well?

The Value of Sponsorship

Pinty’s was launching a new curling campaign into curling, and the two teams they chose to promote was Team Jacobs from Northern Ontario and Team Holman from Ontario.

I don’t know the details, but these teams represented two of the hottest curling teams on the curling market.  I believe it was a great pairing for both parties.

What Are The Odds?

Thane McKenzie helped make this happen and I appreciate the advice he gave me with this blog.  Eventually, I hope to share his story with Pinty’s as well.

Six degrees of separation Team Ontario!

Good luck and cheers!



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    Thanks for sharing, love reading your thoughts! I’m feeling inspired to write my own.

    • Barley Nectar Barley Nectar

      Thanks Nancy! It has been a life changing experience.


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