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“I should not measure my self-worth by what is inherently harder for me to do, but it is close to impossible not to.”

— Anna Koppelman

Listening Bliss

When I listen to a podcast my imagination allows me the wonderful superpower to immerse myself directly in the conversation.  Like a common house fly, I find a place on the wall and listen.

If you are quiet enough, you hear things.

Although I don’t get to say anything my mind answers and interacts with the conversation.

Live It Live!

With the Scott Tournament of Hearts at our doorstep, it is a great time to look for strong women making a difference in their community.

The Canadian Women’s Curling championship are going to be filled with inspiring women each with their own story to tell.

Anna Koppelman is not a curler she’s a high school student and a fantastic writer.

Once again I would like to thank James for finding inspiring guests.  The last episode I listened to Sara Blakely founder of Spanx.  As great as Sara’s story was I find myself more surprised by the story of a high school student.

Anna’s story brings a tear to my eye.

The Horror Of High School

High school can be hard for a weird kid.  I was a weird kid.  Although I seemed to always have a knack for fitting in, I know I’m different than my peers.

Every once in a while I would “test” the ideas with some of the knuckleheads I have hung around with and voila, the truth is known.

I cannot imagine being bullied for being dyslexic.

Anna The Brave!

In high school, I was always attracted to what I found interesting.

While all my friends played intramural sports I spent hours in the library reading books.  A particular author I loved reading had just finished a new book called “Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold!”

In my class, I noticed that one of the girls was reading it.  I befriended her to talk about the book, which she eventually lent me to read.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten her name.

What were the consequences?

Some of the “pretty” girls in the class immediately assumed that we were having a love affair.  It was inconceivable that I would take the time to talk with this “creature”.

They mocked me.

It stung a little.

Were You A Weird Kid?

I still prefer strange and weird but it takes courage to follow through and engage curiosity.  Curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

Cliques do.

During James’ interview with Anna, there was a point where they discussed her future plans.  She writes for the Huffington Post which is a big deal, and I confess a tiny bit of envy seeing her articles in the limelight.

Stepping back from the conversation I loved the advice James gave her.

Why Go To College?

He asked her a hard question.

In his mind, and I agree, she should follow the path of a writer.  The clue is the success she has already had.

Why wander off the path?

The next logical step was to print out her essays and staple them all together.  With the bundle in hand, James was sure she could develop a book.

I smiled inside when I heard the advice.

He was repeating my plan back to me.

The Writer’s Life

Anna liked the idea and I hope she goes on to become an author.  She has power.

She’s like heroine straight out of a Shannara novel, a young woman that hasn’t realized her own power, and yet it radiates outward to everyone around her.

Before hearing James say it I had already planned to select a number of blog posts and develop them into chapters in a book.

My own path to a novel has its roots in the groundwork I have already developed in the Barley Nectar Blog.

Just Ship It!

The journey begins with a Facebook comment.

The writing follows the Like button.

A comment snowballs into a blog post. the best of which fill chapters.  After the dust settles, the whole thing gets stapled together, edited and then published on Kindle.


Thank you, Anna.


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