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Hatchet Man

“For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can’t readily accept the God formula, the big answers don’t remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
― Charles Bukowski

Ketogenic Madness

There is something to be said about a well-balanced diet.  After a good nights rest, which is around 8 hours of sleep, eating right would be the next big thing.

Hello, Dr. Atkins.

A type of diet that has always intrigued me is the Dr. Atkins diet.

Everyone has heard of this method now, and for the few that haven’t, you eat a bunch of fatty proteins, avoid carbs like bread, and choose your veggies wisely.  This diet has been around long enough now that a little search on google will show you that everything about it is wrong.



The Slushpile of Opinion

My first impressions of the Akins menu tied right into a style of eating I was already accustomed to growing up on a farm, because, way out in the country, nobody looks at you funny you fry an egg in bacon grease.

Eat as many eggs, bacon, and steak as you can, and wash it down with creamed coffee topped with whip cream.

I love breakfast for supper.

Tools of Titans

After the Atkins diet went out of style, the concept resurfaced with the Paleo diet, and now the modern ketogenic diet.  If you haven’t heard of ketones, then check out Tim Ferriss’ new book entitled “Tools of Titans.”

He dedicates an entire chapter to the subject based on the interviews with the performance beast named Dominic D’Agostino.

Tim also strengthens his argument by encouraging others to test his methods to the point where he can describe it in a system that others can learn.  The Ferriss protocol boils down to discovering an expert, followed by a breakdown of the method, and finally a plan to implement the method at an accelerated pace.

Through his blog, podcast, and books he has encouraged students to follow the methods as further proof.

In the realms of nutrition advice is as common as the cold.

This is where Tim stands out.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

How do I separate good advice from mediocre or downright bad advice?

In reality, the best case would be to take the advice from someone who has a track record of shedding the excess pounds from their body, on the other hand, if you know my body type I have always been slight hovering around 160 lbs and heard many exclaims that it is easy to stay thin when your body has a good metabolism.

This is anecdotal evidence.

I walk all the time at my job, and by low-end calculations more than 2 km a day.

That adds up.

Walking For A Living

Another thing that I have discovered but still need to do some testing to actually prove, is that I suspect that the majority of the time I slip into ketosis with very little effort.

How do I know this?

My breakfast often consists of bulletproof coffee, which is high in fat and that’s it.

Sounds easy.  Later I might supplement with nuts if I feel hungry.

This is where a lot of nutritionists would say I wasn’t eating properly, and that getting a good breakfast is a way of setting up.  However, if you were to eat a bagel or a fruit smoothy, then yes you are providing some fuel but not the correct type required for ketosis.

I am not advising anyone to follow my diet for a number of reasons.  Primarily, I am not an expert or scientist, nor do I feel qualified to give advice.  I can only point to the success of personal friends and family that have had results.

Is that enough?

The Big Bad Brewers

In many previous blog posts, I have described my infatuation with the brewing process, and have experimented with great success at home.  The bottom line is that if you love beer you will inevitably hit the wall on the next point.

Although the ketogenic menu includes many goodies that I love, it shouts from the mountaintop, “Thou shalt not have a beer!”

The dreaded words.

When I heard a good friend of mine started on the ketogenic diet recently, I was intrigued if he would keep at it.  It’s easy to stop drinking beer if you have run out of it at the house.  It’s a long drive to the beer store.

The problem with my buddy is that he is a professional brewer.

He makes beer in 300-gallon batches.

Life As A Beer Merchant

Imagine a hot tub filled with your favorite beer, and then think I cannot taste a drop.  That sounds like the ultimate dealbreaker.

There is a happy ending to this part of the story.  He has succeeded!  I would be willing to bet if you would have asked a handful of people that knew his situation they would have said never in a million years would he have been able to do it.

For me, the sweet golden barley nectar is a serious weakness.

Well, I knew it would be hard for him, but I know he has resiliency.  If you examine his life, when he puts his mind to it, the hatchet to the grindstone, he stays with it.


Lifestyle Choice

He has lost 30 lbs and has a new spring in his step.

After I asked him whether or not he would go back to eating in a different way he said no.  The protocol has given him a new incentive to take care of himself.

If a professional brewer can manage to push past the beer hurdle I think that qualifies almost anyone to do this with a bit of effort.

Is he an isolated case?


Co-incidentally I had another friend that lost a lot of weight using this method.  He was following a paleo diet, but for the most part, the two protocols are so similar, with minor modifications you could have the same thing.

He lost so much body fat that many who hadn’t seen him in a long time could not recognize him.

As with many that have success, he has turned it into a lifestyle.

If I were to choose, I would go with the modern ketogenic way simply because it’s based on up to date testing and experimentation tracked meticulously by human performance experts like Tim Ferriss.

He’s done the legwork for you.

If Mom Can Do It…

The third and final person I will introduce is my mom.

She has also independently come to ketosis, through the Banting method.  Mr. Banting was a Victorian funeral director that was wildly overweight,  It was his discovery and implementation of a low carb, high protein diet, that inspired the Atkins diet in the 1970’s.

My mother has also complimented her regime with fasting, which is not typical today.

Fasting compliments the ketogenic diet and shifts your body over to ketosis quickly.  Unfortunately, if you don’t follow certain rules this can be quite uncomfortable.

Make Sugar Your Enemy

To make a long story short my mother didn’t realize that she was already on the path to ketosis without knowing it, very similar to my own path.  I still eat carbs at the moment but down the road, I plan to implement the method.

In the true spirit of lateral marketing, my parting gift to her was Tim’s bible, “Tools of Titans.”  I encourage those that doubt to look into it with an open mind.

Cheers mom!


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