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Month: December 2016


The Best Advent Calendar Ever!
Count the beer days  to Christmas.

My Apologies Mr. Anderson


This post was supposed to be published in October but it didn’t happen.  It’s December and it hasn’t gone out, shame on you!  Cursed by the muse I guess.  Rather late than never here it is folks, one cold leftover blog post.  Every October good friends of mine host spooky Halloween party.  It’s mandatory that every person arrives dressed in a costume, the best dressed wins a prize, but it has always been fun finding a crazy character to assume.  Over the years I have dressed as nightcrawler, a ninja, a demon, a pimp, a karate master, Jesus of Nazareth, Walter White, and even a big beer brand.  You would think I could come up with a craft beer theme first, but it didn’t happen.  Normally Calissa and I put a bit of effort into our costumes, but last year Calissa wore a Guinness shirt and I wore a Coors lite T-shirt.  Being a mixed couple made the joke, however, I found it doubly funny as a home brewer.  The Coors Lite t-shirt still makes me laugh despite the odd looks from craft brew aficionados.