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Month: July 2016


Balls versus Chicken Stripes
Do you wear girl pants?

The Princess Wears Girl Pants!


It has taken a few minor adjustments to get my pen dipped in the ink again and it has been the same with brewing.  Why?  It’s too easy to fall off the wagon and let things slide, especially when life jumps up and bites a chunk out of your time.  Let’s face it, there is always going to be an excuse not to write, not to brew, in essence, anything that is meaningful and takes effort is going to summon the demon called resistance.  Its strategy is to get you to string together a series of unproductive days without putting a single letter on the page, or a drop of wort in the fermenter.


The Simplicity and beauty of a morning at the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club.


A Bout of Stout


In the beginning, when I first started to brew, there were no constraints.  This no-holds-barred attitude leaves no rock unturned.  It’s an exciting time. It was also important to move through all the phases of making regular stout beer, then the vanilla porter, vanilla chocolate milk stout, and the list goes on.  Sooner or later you get to the key moment where you cannot fathom drinking five gallons of homemade black stuff ever again.